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I love art yall. This is good.

The strip is titled “Traitors”

This is an interesting take on a huge battle that is going on within the Black community as well as White females.

If you are Black, do you hold a grudge against Black HIllary Clinton supporters?
If you are a Black HIllary Supporter, how do you defend your stance against other blacks, or do you bother.

If you are a white female Obama supporter, do other white females blacklist you…

Obviously we’ve had this conversation many times here at JJP, especially with regard to black superdelegates. It’s a shame CNN missed the point when they did their piece on “threats” against elected superdelegates, but yall know what’s up for real.

This strip is hella funny, so be sure to visit often. I’ll keep my eyes open for other opportunities to post their work.

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