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We were on NPR’s News & Notes (audio is at the link) again yesterday and got to talk about the Sean Bell protests, the death of Mildred Loving and a lightning round on the Democratic primaries.

First of all, I must confess, I almost missed the joint! I got too cute with my time and arrived at the studio just in time. Just call me Lake County :)

Hopefully, I didn’t sound too out of breathe. As usual, Carmen brought some knowledge and insight to the discussions of race, and it was good to rap with Casey Lartigue for the first time although I think he misinterpreted one of my statements. I mentioned people were experiencing fatigue in the Sean Bell case because we’re constantly reminded of the dual justice systems in this country. He thought I meant Sharpton fatigue. No biggie.

I also gave some love to Black Agenda Report for their perfect description of the Sean Bell verdict: the decision may have been legal, but it wasn’t justice.

I’m most proud of my campaign lightning round comment about life post-NC/IN in which I stated:

I’m just happy to welcome the mainstream media to the Democratic primary. They’ve finally caught on to the Wrath of the Math which hasn’t really changed since Obama’s 12-state sweep post-Super Tuesday. That, I think, is the biggest change. The facts on the ground haven’t changed, but the media narrative and perception has, and I’m glad to see it has.

BTW for those who don’t know, “The Wrath Of The Math” is Jeru the Damaja’s second album. I started using it to describe the Democratic primary when we were on News & Notes from Dallas the day after the Texas primacaucus

Carmen also represented, raising the point we’ve been hitting a lot in the Afrosphere about Hillary’s inability to win the black vote being more legitimate than the question of Obama’s capture of the white vote.

Finally we talked about the death of Mildred Loving and the status of marriage equality. Thankfully, we didn’t get sidetracked into discussions of interracial extramarital affairs (which I don’t really see as relevant to equal protection under the law) and instead stayed focused on perceptions of interracial marriage and the larger issue of marriage equality. I tried to make the link from the Loving decision to the need for marriage equality for same sex couples as I’ve done here and here.

Big up to Farai Chideya and the entire News & Notes staff for running a substantive show. Thanks to the JJP and Afrosphere fam for contributing to the important democratic (small “d”) conversation in this country.

Again, you can listen here.

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