Especially after Hillary says she’s staying in the race in case Obama catches a bullet.

I’ve long begged for an “INTERVENTION” for this heifer, and no one seems to hear me screaming.

What in the hell could Hillary be thinking, making this comment and bringing up the terrible memory of the 40th anniversary of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination, right on the heels of Ted Kennedy’s diagnosis of brain cancer?

I can’t even pin this one on Klanswoman Gerry Ferraro; no, this goes to Hillary and Hillary alone.

Does she really want the White House at all costs? DOES SHE?

Even over at Kos’ place, the Hillary defenders can’t even begin to defend these comments and one brave soul has actually posted over at MyDD that she has to go.

And while she’s apologized in theory to the Kennedys, the Obamas have no apology forthcoming, while even Stevie Wonder can see her remarks were wishful thinking about Obama catching a bullet so she could automatically get the nomination. Does she not remember she’s pissed off African-Americans to the nth degree, and if something should happen to Obama, our eyes are going to be locked and loaded on her ass, because she’s conditioned us to now think that way about her?

The problem is, after all the coddling, tiptoeing, dog-whistling, race-baiting, pontificating this, ahem, WOMAN, has done, will she finally get the clue and go away?

Sorry, Bill and Hillary – no De Facto Third Term for you. If you didn’t get it done when you had the White House, instead of wasting the country’s time and money on how you got that Blow Job from Monica, you have no one to blame except yourselves. If you want a third term, start lobbying to change the amendment in the Constitution that limited you to two terms. You don’t get a third chance at the White House, and you most certainly won’t get it now that your wife has all but called for a fellow member of the Senate, a fellow campaign opponent, and a fellow American, to be assassinated, because he’s in her way.

Just saying that the ReThug opponent was more qualified than a fellow Democrat should have gotten her tossed out of the Party. Or engaging in all the tactics I listed above; anyone else would have been bum-rushed and stripped of committee assignments after those stunts.

Howard Dean, you and the party leaders can end this. You sitting on your hands indicate you don’t want to pull the trigger. The longer you allow this mess which is Hillary Clinton, the more you show that this is NOT the party of INCLUSION and those of us who have been waiting for full inclusion, may need to take our influence elsewhere.

Especially if this witch keeps this up. She makes the Party look bad for allowing her to stick around.

And we wonder why the United Nations is commissioning an investigation on America’s race relations. They want to see if America can get past her racist history and elect a person of ethnicity to the highest office in the Land. Having Hillary Clinton stick around is like having a boil on the butt of humanity which needs lancing in order to heal. Pull the trigger, already, and put this rabid cow out of her misery.

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