There’s been a lot of blogging about this led by Pam’s House Blend, African American Political Pundit and Francis Holland. I agree that the DNCC must do a better job of outreach to ensure that newer and influential minority bloggers (of all ethnicities, not just black) who may not be familiar with the DNC credentialing process have the ability to be included at the convention. Given Clinton’s “kitchen sink” race-baiting strategy, some racial healing is going to be needed before, during and after the convention. The Democratic party is dependent on a strong African-American turnout to win in this election in certain battleground states that might turn blue if we show up in numbers never seen before. And for sure, Latino bloggers should be a high priority for the DNCC, right?

The Democratic party can’t afford for this to be a issue at the convention where the focus should be on changing the direction of America’s policies to benefit all Americans. It threatens to turn off white voters too and add unhelpful controversy.

There are a couple of stories today in the Washington Post and USA Today. Check them out.

There are solutions here. One might be to appoint a taskforce among minority bloggers who can develop criteria and select folks to credential for the convention. And of course apparently DNC credentials are for sale. Maybe if black bloggers fundraise, we might be able to buy a few tickets and sneak on in the back door. Or maybe Sister Oprah will send a few of us. Ha!

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