Let’s use the fingertips to reach out and touch these CBC folks.

These are either Uncommitted CBC Members or HHH.

It’s time for a little activism around here.
I’d like to know where Hillpatine’s APOLOGY to Senator and Mrs. Obama is, for starters, but, I’m sure that you all will be creative enough to find your own questions you’d like answers to, namely what’s their justification for supporting Hillpatine, if they’ve declared for her, and if they are uncommitted, it’s time for them to get off the pot.

Nobody will be working tomorrow, of course, but you can leave emails, and possibly voicemails for them, or call on Tuesday to their local offices, which will be listed on the websites.

Corrine Brown— Clinton (Florida – 3rd)
2336 Rayburn
(202) 225-0123
Corrine Brown Website

Delegate Donna Christian-Christensen —Clinton (U.S. Virgin Islands – At-large)
(non voting congressional delegate)
Donna Christensen Website

Yvette Clarke—Clinton (New York – 11th)
1029 Longworth
(202) 225-6231
Yvette Clarke Website

Emanuel Cleaver —Clinton (Missouri – 5th)
1641 Longworth
(202) 225-4535
Emanuel Cleaver Website

Jim Clyburn—Neutral (South Carolina – 6th)
2135 Rayburn
(202) 225-3315
James Clyburn Website

Alcee Hastings—Clinton (Florida – 23rd)
2353 Rayburn
(202) 225-1313
Alcee Hastings Website

William J. Jefferson— Uncommitted (Louisiana – 2nd)
2113 Rayburn
(202) 225-6636
William Jefferson Website

Stephanie Tubbs Jones—Clinton (Ohio – 11th)
1009 Longworth
(202) 225-7032
Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Website

Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick —Uncommitted (Michigan – 13th)
2264 Rayburn
(202) 225-2261
Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick Website

Sheila Jackson Lee —Clinton (Texas – 18th)
2435 Rayburn
(202) 225-3816
Sheila Jackson-Lee Website

Kendrick Meek — Clinton (Florida – 17th)
1039 Longworth
(202) 225-4506
Kendrick Meek Website

Gregory Meeks— Clinton (New York – 6th)
2342 Rayburn
(202) 225-3461
Gregory Meeks Website

Charles B. Rangel— Clinton (New York – 15th)
2354 Rayburn
(202) 225-4365
Charles Rangel Website

Laura Richardson —Clinton (California – 37th)
2233 Rayburn
(202) 225-7924
Laura Richardson Website

Edolphus Towns— Clinton (New York – 10th)
2232 Rayburn
(202) 225-5936
Edolphus Towns Website

Maxine Waters— Clinton (California – 35th)
2344 Rayburn
(202) 225-2201
Maxine Waters Website

Diane Watson— Clinton (California – 33rd)
125 Cannon
(202) 225-7084
Diane Watson Website

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