Hey yall,

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. Lots going on in the background, and a brotha needs to keep his job :)

In addition to transferring from jackandjillpolitics.blogspot.com to jackandjillpolitics.com (update those bookmarks!), we’re preparing to move from the Blogger service altogether over to WordPress.

We’ve got a lot of exciting upgrades in mind and will be asking for your input as we move along.

Right now, we’re searching for designers with expertise in WordPress. We’re moving to a three-column layout and want to build pages beyond the front page editorial stuff. If you are interested or know someone who is, please step up.

  • We need contact info and a sample of work.
  • We have a modest budget and are hoping for someone who’s down with the cause, nahmean?
  • You can post info in the comments to this entry or hit me up: jackturnerpolitics_AT_gmail.com

Even if you don’t have design expertise or know anyone, use the comments to let us know how you’d like to see the look and feel of the site improved. Point us to sites you like (or those you don’t) so we can do the best possible job here.

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