If we as African-American, Black, Negro, people, can’t love ourselves, we can’t expect others to love us, or accept us, or treat us as human beings worthy of dignity and respect, either.

Especially, since some of us like to act no better than animals attacking their own:

While I know the majority of us are hard-working, taxpaying, decent citizens who contribute mightily to society as individuals and as a whole, it is incidents that show the worst of…the lack of humanity, that portrays us as nothing more than the “Boogey-Man” that Missy Hillary continues to use..and there are some of us who keep giving her ammunition. Dang.

No, I’m not going to give a “When are we Goin’ to get our shyt Together” lecture, because at some point, our humanity has to come forth, or else we’re merely shells of what we were always intended to be.

I know some of you think when Obama is elected, he’s going to change all this; including those dark, ugly parts of our people and our community and make it beautiful, shiny and new. I’m sorry, he’s going to be so busy cleaning up the mess being left by the Thief-in-Chief, we may not want to wait for him, but get busy to call out each other on our shyt. No matter what the risk; I know, some fools are itching to bust caps into people if you look at their Nikes wrong – but there are some who are waiting for those loving swift kicks in the arse to get our shyt together.

Do we love ourselves enough to do that? Because we can’t give to others if we can’t give to ourselves…

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