When you’re stuck in an airport for more than five hours (like I was today flying back from a conference in Dallas), you have one of three choices:

(1) Eat high-priced airport food;
(2) Browse equally high-priced books in souvenir stores;, or
(3) Get treated to continuous CNN coverage of any and everything.

I chose options (1) and (3) because a sista needed to get her grub on while waiting to get placed on a flight that was cancelled (and I learned this when I got to the airport). Anyway, so, I’m watching Wolf Blitzer (who I can’t stand) and caught a snippet of his interview with the Borg Queen.

Because I know Hillary will slip a fast one in her comments that won’t be caught until two days later, I found myself listening pretty closely and was wishing for YouTube when I heard her say:

“I will do my best to help the candidate from our party, should Barack (why can’t she call him by his title and show some respect?)be the nominee; of course, I still hope I’m the nominee, but if not, then I’ll do my best to help Senator McCain, er, Senator Obama in the general.”

Now, anyone else would probably say Hillary was talking so fast, she wasn’t paying attention to what she was saying. Kinda like when Condi Rice said, “Like I was telling my hus-, er, the President, the other day…”

Sometimes, slip ups in speech can really mean something meant to be conveyed as a result of subconscious thought. Should Hillary lose (and we expect her to) the race for the nomination, she will probably get behind Obama to help him win…after she’s done all she can to destroy him for the general in the first place. But I found myself thinking, “Did she really mean McCain?”

I only ask that because she is on record saying she believes McCain is more qualified than Obama to be President.

I wondered at the time why wasn’t she kicked out of the Democratic Party for that stunt, and where was Joe Biden with a classic “BS” Comment like he made the other day in responding to Bush’s asinine attempts to kick dirt at Obama.

I don’t trust homegirl – she has shown us what she is and what she thinks of African-Americans in general, with the exception of Chief Mammy Maggie Williams, and she’s probably pissed that Toni Morrison has finally clarified what she really meant when she called Wild Bill the “first Black President”, as we revoked his honorary Field Negro card for his “Jesse Jackson” comments in South Carolina.

I will give her half a prop, and that is difficult for me, cause I don’t like what she’s turned this primary season into because of her self-aggrandizement – she did say that for any of her supporters to refuse to vote in the general for Senator Obama was an ill-fated thing to do, and she said likewise for the Obama supporters echoing similar sentiments. She said the party should do everything to see that the Democratic nominee gets the White House; and I started wondering has someone been slipping her Obama-aid into her vodka tonics (okay, I kid, because I don’t know if she drinks or not)? I’ve always said if she stole the nomination from Obama, I’d write in my choice, but I’d definitely wouldn’t be staying home on Election Day, because too many of our ancestors took dog bites, beatings, water-hosings, and even lost their lives, so we could exercise that fundamental right to vote.

However, I think Obama supporters would have a more legit beef not to show up on Election Day, if shenanigans are pulled in Denver and gives the nomination to Hillpatine – they would be disenfranchised voters who believe their votes do not count, while if Hillary loses, she will have lost fair and square because the voters would have spoken. I hope if the worst case scenario emerges after Denver, we take other action apart from rioting and not showing up at the polls (neither strategy sends a forceful message and that is what would be needed; sending a message to stop taking voters of color for granted).

It doesn’t surprise me at all that she’s still trying to get the delegates from Michigan and Florida seated at the convention; however, I expect the DNC to abide by its own rules and policy – and that means those states have to take their punishment because no one told them to move up their primaries before their scheduled dates.

I wonder if someone lost their jobs behind those stunts? Anyways…

Then Wolfie and CNN moved on to Star Jones dissing Barbara Walters, and Baba Wawa making out like Star has lost her natural mind, especially when she said: “Star is going through a difficult time, and….” I guess, referencing that Star is divorcing her is-he-in-the-closet? husband, Al Reynolds, and that’s making her say loony things. What Star actually said was she thought it was low of Barbara Walters to write about her affair with former Senator Edward Brooke and exposing his family to that garbage, as well as slandering her in the book in order to promote book sales.

Which sounded like Star’s comments had more elements of truth to them than Baba Wawa’s.

I decided I’d had enough and needed a yogurt smoothie to keep me from screaming, and throwing my briefcase at the TV monitor (in these post 9/11 days, you don’t want to do that in an airport unless you want to be locked up). I couldn’t take the Clinton Network News for more than 20 minutes; the people at Crooks and Liars have major props from me for stomaching it on a daily basis so we don’t have to. However, if I’m not stuck at DFW airport, I might have missed those TV nuggets which is passing for bonified journalism these days. They even have a sort of “Ted Kennedy” health watch going on, while bringing on Sanjay Gupta (who I will always remember being punked and pw3end by Michael Moore)to give us the breakdown on whether or not Ted had a stroke.

At this point, my head is spinning, and I still have yet to board a plane, which I didn’t do until 12:45pm – and I’d arrived at DFW thinking I’d be flying out at 8:30am….((growl))…

To top off and crown my day, I got to Dulles and found out my luggage didn’t make my flight, and is coming in at midnight. The baggage guy told me to come back at midnight for my bags. Y’all know what I did?

No, I didn’t go off – I just calmly looked at him and said “I expect you to deliver my bags to my home because at $4 dollars a gallon for gas, I can’t afford to come back out here unless I’m getting on another plane. Handle yo’ business, so I won’t have to.”

My bags should be on my doorstep in the morning….LOL

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