And if my memory serves me correctly, the ghosts she’s digging up are the ghost of elections past; i.e., 2000 and 2004. In both instances, those elections, as far as I’m concerned, were stolen elections and gave this country the current President.

I’m wondering why Howard Dean won’t pull the trigger and kick her out of the Democratic Party. I’m also wondering why the Democratic Leaders won’t end this mess and get ready to unite and take on McCain. But, that’s like asking why Harry Reid believes that Joe Lieberman will vote party lines and Holy Joe’s continued to kick dirt in his face.

Should Obama lose the election, I’m blaming Hillary Clinton. I will lay this right at her feet, because she has had ample opportunity to make the case for a good, clean campaign and she chose the tactics of Karl Rove. Wild Bill says that their strategy has always been to win at all costs, and kiss and make up later. For the majority of African-Americans she’s pissed off, it will take a lot more than kissing and making up with us for pissing in our faces and calling it progress.

Since Hillary wants to dig up ghosts, I say that we should let her keep digging until she falls into the ditch she thinks she’s digging for Obama’s campaign, and once she falls in, I say we cover her up like a dog and mark the territory in the same manner a dog does. I’m tired of this mess, and when Howard Dean comes up for renewal as leader of the DNC, we need to put some hard questions to him about why he’s slow on the trigger on this mess.

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