I come home, check my computer, and my last Black nerve has been snapped.

Hillary Clinton and her merry band of lying snakes continue to perpetrate THE LIE that she is ahead in the Popular Vote count.


The ONLY way that this is possible is if they count Florida and Michigan – two illegal contests.

I’ll remind people, Obama wasn’t even on the ballot in Michigan.

To which the lying racebaiter replies:

Now, I know that Senator Obama chose to remove his name from the ballot in Michigan, and that was his right. But his choice does not negate the votes of all those who turned out to cast their ballots, and we should not let our process rob them and all of you of your voices. To do so would undermine the very purpose of the nominating process. To ensure that as many Democrats as possible can cast their votes. To ensure that the party selects a nominee who truly represents the will of the voters and to ensure that the Democrats take back the White House to rebuild America.

Now, I’ve heard some say that counting Florida and Michigan would be changing the rules.

I say that not counting Florida and Michigan is changing a central governing rule of this country – that whenever we can understand the clear intent of the voters, their votes should be counted. I remember very well back in 2000, there were those who argued that people’s votes should be discounted over technicalities. For the people of Florida who voted in this primary, the notion of discounting their votes sounds way too much of the same.

Hell no.


The Popular Vote isn’t an acceptable metric because of the 4 caucus states -Iowa, Nevada, Maine and Washington-States, that, UNLIKE MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA PLAYED BY THE RULES, and didn’t keep Popular Vote Statistics, because the Popular Vote was NEVER THE METRIC UPON WHICH THE NOMINATION WOULD BE DECIDED.


Not in my imagination that pledged delegates is the selection metric. Nancy Pelosi on PBS tonight:

“How our delegates are selected is by a process and the person who has the most delegates becomes the nominee of the party. It’s not been about the popular vote….at the end of the day someone will have the winning number of delegates. Delegate vote is the currency of the realm at the Democratic National Convention.”

I have some interesting news that I didn’t know until today reading the paper: did you know that Barack Obama HAS ALWAYS LED THE PLEDGED DELEGATE RACE? From beginning in Iowa, he wasn’t behind one day in this Election Season.

Then I read that she has the nerve to invoke SLAVERY TODAY IN FLORIDA?



Not only HELL NO

But, Hell Muthafuckin’ No.

It is clear, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she fully intends to either:
a) steal the nomination from Obama
b) bloody him so she can run in 2012.

Take your pick, but this is all she can be doing right now.

I’m not the only one who sees it this way. From PoliticalInaction.com:

The Clinton victimhood syndrome is in full effect right now….”I just don’t think its right to take the nomination away from the leader in the popular vote” Bill says. “More people voted for me” Hillary says. This is why they win. They take a precarious position based on lies and simplify it and sell it to people to busy and trusting to pay attention to the details. They are pure evil and they aren’t positioning themselves for the VP. They are trying to take the nomination away using sexism claims, racism, and lies.

Rachel Maddow today, from DailyKos:

Just now Rachel Maddow explained her theory that the Dem’s have 10 days to save this election. Unless Obama get’s the Supers to come on board NOW to get the 2026 necessary today, the Rules committee will meet on May 31. If that meeting happens, then the 2026 is no longer the number. The rules committee will meet and decide how to seat the FL/MI delegates, but that decision will be appealed by Clinton to the Creditials committee. They will meet in DENVER, at the convention!!! Clinton’s people know the rules and will succeed in dragging this to the convention. I don’t know if this is accurate, but it definitely needs to be checked out fast///

That’s the bottom line.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again..

John McCain or no..




Time for the Democratic Party to MAN UP and Put this Rabid Dog out of its misery.

(PS-don’t post in the comments about the offensiveness of this metaphor. I chose my words deliberately.)

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