Like State Senator Clay Davis on “The Wire”, who always responded with “Sheeeiiit”.

That’s what I thought when I saw this:

Plouffe was feeling so confident in Obama’s lead that he allowed that he would be willing to give Clinton the lion’s share of the delegates from Michigan and Florida. She won both states, even though their primaries violated party rules and both candidates agreed to boycott them and have been arguing about the fairest way to seat the delegates ever since.

Y’all know how I feel about Obama and all that, but to give up any ground to the Borg Queen because you feeling “generous”? Pleaseeeee…hand David Plouffe a can of STHU and tell him to down that can with a quickness.

I think Obama needs to put his campaign manager in check and stop giving the Borg Queen any ideas to steal a nomination that is clearly his to win or lose.

I’m sorry Obama supporters; you can breathe easy, but the next battle is just over the hill and until the Borg Queen concedes (and since she’s more like Tonya Harding in admitting defeat), you can’t afford to give no ground to her camp. NO Way. No How.

Time for Obama to close the deal and drive a stake through Vampira’s heart. (Did I call her “Vampira”?)

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