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Over a quarter of people who voted for Hillary in Kentucky said race was a factor. From another angle, 21 percent of all Kentucky voters said race was a factor, and 9 of 10 of these folks voted for Hillary.

Gergen does a great job of putting this into Hillary’s court. She should make clear that she doesn’t want the racist vote. John Edwards did it.

Here’s the clip from Redlasso

The problem with Hillary denouncing the racist vote now is that it’s probably too late. She’s made it all too clear that she’s clinging to the racist vote. Her opportunistic and early dis of Wright. Her ambiguous answer on Obama’s religion. Her claim to have the support of “hard working Americans. White Americans.” Her embrace of ignorance in the gas tax policy debate (and reference to economists and facts as “elite”) all demonstrate not only her reliance on a racist vote, but her comfort with it.

To me this is another clear delineation between Clinton and Obama on the types of choices each is willing to make. It cannot be denied that Hillary has faced sexist propaganda, but that sexism has neither been employed nor embraced by Obama.

On the other hand, Hillary, in her Deathmarch to Denver, doesn’t care who reaches out to rescue her. She slams Obama for wanting to hold diplomatic talks with countries we don’t agree with, yet she accepts and encourages the votes of ignorant racists right here in America.

I’m so glad she’s been defeated.

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