Regarding the West Virginia primary and the Borg Queen’s victory, that is.

However, it does say quite a lot about the fact that the Borg Queen has to play the race card in rural Appalachia (where no person of color has been seen nor heard since slavery), scare the be-jeezus out them Jed Clampett-move-away-from-there mountain folk in order to claim a victory.

Which as time goes on, and more superdelegates are throwing their votes to the “O” man, will be MEANINGLESS when she hits the Denver City Limits.

She needed the votes of a population that includes among their midst, church going folk who believe in signs and wonders following them while challenging God through handling poisonous snakes; Lynndie England (remember her, the first face of torture of Iraqi prisoners during this fiasco of a war?)and the family that kidnapped, raped and tortured a sista named Megan Williams, who has yet to see any kind of justice for her ordeal of being leashed like a dog, being made to eat dog and people shyt, drink out of a toilet, while the whole damned family sexually abused her.

Hillary Clinton is so desperate for votes, she’ll take the votes from a State that may very well be a fine state in many ways, but what we have seen come out of the likes of West Virginians, these individuals are giving the state a very bad rep.

And, she’s spinning this better than I do in spin class (and with worse results,too).

I don’t know about y’all, but if claiming the victory of a state that she has historically written off and being of no consequence when Obama wins them, the Borg Queen’s badly in need of being put out of her misery like a rabid dog. Just how loud does Gentleman Jim Clyburn have to sing in the mine before Howard Dean gets a clue?

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