Oh yall thought I forgot didn’t you? I’m done with Reverend Wright. His 15 minutes have long-since expired. Let’s talk about the man John McCain has called a “spiritual guide.” Quite a hefty title don’t you think?

From Columbia Journalism Review

Meanwhile, John McCain has a Christian ally of his own. At a rally in late February, McCain appeared with Rod Parsley, the pastor of an Ohio mega-church, and called him a “spiritual guide.”

Parsley has his own history of controversial statements. As David Corn reported this week for Mother Jones, Parsley has called for Christians to wage war against the “false religion” of Islam, in order to destroy it. He does not distinguish between Islamic extremists and ordinary Muslims. “What some call ‘extremists’ are instead mainstream believers who are drawing from the well at the very heart of Islam,” he has written.

And it’s not just Muslims he’s got it in for. Last year, Parsley’s organization called for people who commit adultery to be prosecuted, and in January he compared Planned Parenthood to the Nazis.

And of course, YouTube. Thank you Jesus for YouTube:

Senator McCain, do you think Planned Parenthood is a Nazi organization bent on the genocide of black people?

Go ahead, ask him!

I happen to think it’s extraordinarily un-American to hang with a man who spews this sort of nonsense about Black Genocide. Besides, we all know the real genocide is against white people due to the dirty lazy Hispanics that come here and steal our jobs, because that’s what lazy people do. Steal jobs.

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