Wow — you have to wonder that John and Cindy McCain had to be exposed by the press before the family decided to stop profiting from a genocidal, criminal regime linked in the past to Al-Qaeda. Ummmm, right… especially since Barack Obama divested all Sudan-related stocks or funds last year.

Several Democratic and Republican candidates sold off similar investments during the primary season. In Senator McCain’s home state of Arizona, Gov. Janet Napolitano signed into law a bill that would “divest pension funds from those targeted corporations that materially assist the Sudanese government in carrying out the genocide in Darfur. The bill targets foreign companies involved in mineral extraction, weapon sales, and the oil industry.”

Last week, Mrs. McCain, the heiress to the Phoenix-based distributorship of the Anheuser-Busch beer company, said she would never release her tax returns — which are filed separately from that of her husband’s — in part to protect her children.

Cindy’s investments in the mutual funds were listed on disclosure forms John was required to file as a senator and a presidential candidate. I don’t know about you, but I sure would be interested in more scrutiny of the McCain investment portfolio. What is Cindy McCain trying to hide? I wonder, for example, if there are any investments in Halliburton, Blackwater or other defense contracting companies doing well as a result of the conflict in Iraq? Are the McCains making any money from promoting 100 years of war in Iraq? Just curious… Cuz we all know it’s all ’bout the Benjamins with Republicans.

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