h/t BlogHer

Sen. Barack Obama sat down with BlogHer today to answer key policy questions developed by this community of bloggers for 2008 presidential candidates.

In an exclusive on-camera interview with BlogHer, Sen. Obama (D-IL) answers questions about the economy, Iraq, health care and the environment — including a health-care screening process for every veteran and support for their spouses and families, health insurance coverage for birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancies, and working with China and other countries on climate change, a “major problem.”

Sen. Obama is the first presidential candidate to accept our invitation to come on-camera to directly address BlogHer’s audience, which now reaches nine million women each month via BlogHer.com and a publishing syndicate of 1,800 blogs. The interview was conducted in Roseburg, Oregon, by Contributing Editor Erin Kotecki Vest, with input from Contributing Editor Kim Pearson.

I first met the BlogHer fam at South by Southwest in 2006. Earlier this year, I linked to Erin (aka QueenofSpain) and her post of Feb 12 asking Hillary to step down.

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