From the NY Daily News:

Cool it with the assassination talk, the Rev. Al Sharpton warned Saturday.

Sharpton said he spoke to Hillary Clinton Saturday morning about her recent reference to the assassination of Robert Kennedy – “and she understands my feelings firmly.”

Her team did not immediately divulge the details of their chat.

It’s interesting that we haven’t heard much from Clinton supporters such as Stephanie Tubbs-Jones during this debacle. It’s also interesting how the Clinton campaign has tried to blame others for its own repulsive gaffe.

I talked to my moms, staunch Hillary supporter, about the RFK comment. At first blush, she was prepared to accept the Clinton campaign’s weak defense on the basis of historical fact. I then asked her if she was aware of the many threats on Obama’s life resulting in his receiving Secret Service protection a year earlier than most candidates. I also told her that Clinton knew this. I then asked her if this, combined with the many other racial attacks on Obama, changed anything for her in terms of her support of this candidate.

She told me she couldn’t give a definitive answer and had to think about it.

She avoided my calls for almost a day.

Finally, she called and said slowly and with regret: “I think you might be right about her. I think you might just be right.”

Thank you I said.

And to those who call Barack Obama weak, I counter that no man who knows that his bid for leadership of a nation might cost him his own life at any moment due to hate can be called a man without courage, purpose, grit and determination. I think it’s wise for the Obama campaign to downplay this unfortunate and ugly aspect of his bid for the presidency. Still, let those who think him soft stand in awe. Because that’s the power of Hope. Even were he to be cut down in action today, this nation — because of his hope — will never be the same again.

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