When the issue of not enough bloggers of color being invited to blog at the DNC Convention in Denver, I saw a blog post over at Daily Kos and decided to put in my two cents in asking about that.

Once I got past flaming (because whenever you bring up a subject relating to race or ethnicity and even begin to suggest there may be an element of racism, you get flamed),one of the responses suggested that if bloggers of color aren’t credentialed at the state level, you don’t get an invite to the dance on the National level. MissLaura seemed to take issue with me for even asking the question and suggesting that we bloggers of color are overreacting because not all of the credentials have been announced yet.

Call me paranoid, but once again, I’m sensing the raising of the bar for us, just like it was done for voting rights. Why is it that you want to invite people of color or ethnicity to the dance for your issues, but we’re not allowed to discuss our issues? Why is it, that when we accomplish one hurdle, two more are put up? Has anyone bothered to explain to bloggers of ethnicity or color, how do you get a state blogging credential?

I swear, this reminds me of when Black people tried to vote before the civil rights movement; you only qualified if you could prove your grandfather voted. And you knew damned well you weren’t going to qualify with a credential that you couldn’t possibly earn.

This state blogging credential in order to go to blog at the DNC convention feels the same way.

Can anyone tell me how does a blog go about getting one of these state credentials? Cause I believe in overcoming hurdles and removing any and all reasons for disqualifications…

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