Hat tip: DailyKos

Sometimes, fellow bloggers do interesting things, and I think the entire purpose of blogging is sharing, if for no other reason, for discussion.

The Black Snob is doing a series on the thoughts of Black Conservatives on Obama.

Here is the lineup:

Check back to The Black Snob all this week, concluding on April 14th.

Sunday: Amy Holmes (done)
Monday: Condoleezza Rice (done)
Tuesday: Ward Connerly (done)
Wednesday: Shelby Steele (done)
Thursday: Alan Keyes
Friday: JC Watts
Saturday: Colin Powell
Sunday: Armstrong Williams
Monday: Michael Steele
Tuesday: John McWhorter
Wednesday: LaShawn Barber and Herman Cain
Thursday: Star Parker and Eric Wallace
Friday: A final analysis, “Who Would Clarence Thomas Vote For?”

Just thought it was a different angle.

Plus, Black Snob is a Michelle-aholic, and we drinkers of Michelle’s Kool-Aid have to stick together…LOL

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