This is an incredible interview with Rev. Michael Pfleger He does a phenomenal job of trying to have a conversation with a “reporter” who has no interest in listening. Almost everything wrong with conversations about race, class and politics in America is on display in this exchange. America is not ready to have this conversation. But, then again, America is never ready for real change or enlightenment. It must be dragged toward both by people of conscience.

Money quotes:

“If you took a sound bite of Jesus, saying ‘You’ve gotta hate your brother and your mother and your sister and brother and your father in order to love me,’ and you looped that around, they’d say, ‘Jesus was a mad man.’ If you did a visual of Jesus turning tables over in the temple, and that’s all you showed, you’d say he was crazy.”

“It is interesting to me that when white people criticize America, they’re critical. When black people criticize America, they’re haters of America.”

We all know this. Certain white people can blame tragedies on women and gays. They can claim there’s a war on the “white race.” They can make blanket, false statements about entire groups of people, and they are rewarded with book deals and radio shows and television programs.

Based on this, I can only assume Fox News will be offering Louis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright their own syndicated shows as well. You know, so they can criticize America.

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