See for yourself:

That’s gotta hurt. I don’t envy Senator Obama right now, and seeing him distinguish between Wright on Moyers and Wright at the National Press Club helped me see the difference as well. So have the commenters here. I truly believe the press and the Right would harass Obama on this issue to no end regardless of what Wright said, but I can see how he made it a little easier.

Moving on.

So, this is the part in the show where all Catholic politicians are asked why they haven’t left a church that sanctioned mass child rape right?

Or is it the part in the show when Hillary Clinton is dragged before the cameras to explain her association with The Family?

My bad, it must be the part of the show where John Hagee gets death threats and McCain is harassed for weeks on end about his choice of a spiritual advisor who is promoting war against Iran because he thinks it will accelerate the Second Coming.

Or not.

What a farce.

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