From DailyKos:

From the report:

6. Cash on Hand at BEGINNING of the Reporting Period 38,833,089.54
7. Total Receipts This Period 42,832,120.65
8. Subtotal (6 + 7) 81,665,210.19
9. Total Disbursements This Period 30,591,210.20
10. Cash on Hand at CLOSE of the Reporting Period 51,073,999.99
11. Debts and Obligations Owed TO the Committee 0.00

Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D
12. Debts and Obligations Owed BY the Committee 662,784.55

Itemize all on SCHEDULE C or SCHEDULE D
13. Expenditures Subject To Limitation 0.00
14. NET Contributions (Other than Loans) 233,823,864.26
15. NET Operating Expenditures 183,654,584.56

Obama has raised $233 Million, mostly from small donors.

Where is Hillary ” Tonya Harding” Clinton’s financial report?


From The Raw Story

Clinton aides said late Sunday she would report raising about $20 million in March and that she had more than $8 million for the primary available at the beginning of April.

Overall, Obama had $51 million in the bank at the end of March, with nearly $9 million of that available only for the general election.

Republican John McCain’s report showed he raised $15.2 million and had $11.6 million in the bank. The Arizona senator’s March figures were his best fundraising performance of the campaign.

UPDATE #2 – Reading a DailyKos Diary on this topic, and I’m gonna say it…her numbers are fishy. I will update it when all the smoke clears and the truth about her financial state is obvious.

UPDATE #3 – Seems as if she has $15 million in debt. Remember the $5 million loan to herself…and here, her filings show another $10 million in debt.

UPDATE #4- The media’s take on Hillpatine’s debt.

The numbers are very interesting.

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