Fellow blogger and JJP reader Ryan Barrett would like you to know that Hillary had best watch her back in Pennsylvania cuz Obama is on the rise. She’s also got an interesting piece on why Obama speaks to her personally called Interracial Like Me.

* According to the latest Rasmussen poll, Obama has cut Hillary’s lead to 5. Now I know all polls say different things, but sometimes a trend is a trend. Her lead is shrinking, now matter which way you slice it.
* And it’s shrinking despite the fact that Obama has just undergone a pretty trying few weeks, not to mention the fact that Hillary’s backed by both the African-American mayor of Philly and the governor of the state. Tough stakes to overcome, but Obama’s doing it.
* Pennsylvanian superdels have tended to go for Clinton. But well-respected Sen. Casey just broke that trend.
* Democrat voter registration is way up in PA. And the numbers favor Obama. Here’s a particularly compelling nugget: Since the beginning of the year, 86,711 Republicans and independents have switched affiliations, and in just the last three weeks 34,104 new voters registered as Democrats. Significantly, 64 percent of those who changed parties were in the 12 largest counties — urban areas that have large African-American and educated white populations, demographics that are Obama’s strength. (from Politico)
* Just watching Op-Eds in Philadelphia major publications, it’s clear that sentiment is shifting to favor Obama. While just a few weeks ago, it seemed Philadelphians were wary of him, now whenever I read the Opinion section (daily), 9 times out of 10 there are letters either singing his praise or questioning Clinton. Just look at a few letters from yesterday’s Philly Daily News.

And little anecdotal stuff from yours truly:

I have several friends who are registered in PA but are living out-of-state. All of them have sent in their absentee ballots for Obama. I only know one Pennsylvanian voting for Clinton.

A family member of mine works at a large Philadelphia university. She recently discovered that the majority of her co-workers are Obama supporters – people she thought were surely for Hillary.

I’m making the 6-hour trek from Boston to Philly – to see family, drive around Ardmore, and vote for Obama.

Now of course, all of this is coming from an outspoken Obama supporter. One that understands PA will be a tough battleground for him. I’m going to do everything I can to help Obama pull off an upset, but, in my mind, if Clinton wins by a margin of 10 or smaller it will be a win for Obama – considering she led him by over 20 just a few months ago.

Ryan’s take: all Obama has to do it bring his economy plan and his ill bball skillz to the middle of the state and he’s got PA on lockdown ;)

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