Damn this message makes me feel good. I have been beating the pavement all day in my sunday dress shirt feeling like a black mormon and haven’t had a proper meal at all. Then I got this message. At some point we have to trust people to see the truth, and this friend has reinforced a bit of my faith in my fellow humans.

subject: you’ll be happy to know i’ve converted
from: a friend of mine who supported HRC

im hoping for an obama victory all the way these days. clinton has pissed me off and offended me in so many ways lately that i can no longer support her on the basis of her experience, brilliance, ANYTHING. her entire candidancy relies on bullshit establishment politics and not much else at this point. Plus, my initial hesitation of obama was like this…”yeah the man can talk, but what has he DONE.” now it’s clear: if he’s done anything, it’s run an amazing, innovative, POSITIVE campaign that draws it’s strength from the diversity of the american populace. his conduct in this campaign has proved to me that he can handle the presidency. i still will always defend HRC’s persona from what i consider to be sexist liberals, but that’s pretty much as far as it goes. so let’s hope he takes PA and everything else!

hope all is well with you!

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