Despite the fearmongering amplified by the media and exploited by Democratic Primary Spoiler And Duck-Hunting Sniper Specialist Hillary Tonya Harding Clinton, most folks just don’t care.

From the LA Times

Well, it was hard to see this one coming. A new L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll just released on the website found that 24% of likely Pennsylvania voters thought more highly of Barack Obama after his handling of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy, while 15% said they thought less of him. The vast majority — 58% — said it made no difference.


And in what can only be seen as a message to the superdelegates who will likely decide who gets the Democratic nomination, majorities in all three states said they believe the superdelegates should back whichever candidate won the popular vote in the superdelegate’s state. So much for the “vote your heart” argument.

So can we talk about the economy now, please?

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