Completely unasked has been how it is that the U.S. officially began sanctioning torture and who authorized it.

Recently, Glenn Greenwald posted a monster piece on John Yoo, now a law professor in California. He wrote the notorious “torture memo” (right before proofreading his monthly “subjugation report”).

One of the most noteworthy pieces of info from Greenwald, courtesy of Booman Tribune:

Glenn rightly pointed out that as of April 5th, over the prior 30 days there had been 102 stories in the media that mentioned John Yoo and torture. By contrast, over that same period of time, there had been 1,043 stories that referred to Obama and bowling, 1,607 that referred to Obama and patriotism, and 1,079 that referred to Clinton and Lewinsky (a story from ten years ago that was suddenly again more newsworthy than any discussion of torture because it involved Bill Clinton). Glenn found this incredible disparity in the media appalling, as do I.

And all this talk of Condi as a Vice President. Squash that madness. We don’t need someone who approved torture climbing any higher in this government. See Condi Must Go.

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