More on the man whose belief in his own mythology is exceeded only by the media’s unwillingness to question it.

John McCain wants us in Iraq for 100 years. Period.

And if you’re one of those people who things he’s been taken out of context, please read this.

Today, the Annenberg Center’s weighed in on John McCain’s “100 Years” in Iraq comments, claiming that the use of the argument has been distorted. This is just the latest in a series of actions calling into question the use of McCain’s remarks, but as the facts show, not only did John McCain say it, he was given repeated opportunities to clarify his position and instead repeated the refrain. If one digs deeper into the comments as the Annenberg Center attempts to do, the facts show that John McCain meant exactly what he said. Further, it demonstrated a distorted view of the war in Iraq demonstrating his lack of understanding of the situation and a “policy” that is as reckless as George W. Bush’s.

More here.

McCain likes to say, “but what I meant was we’d be in Iraq like we were in Korea.” Bump that, because he’s also said there’s no way Iraq ends up like Korea.


Let’s just make this plain. John McCain is not uniquely qualified to be president. He is not more qualified to be president. He’s a man who eeked by at the Naval Academy, served his country as a pilot and POW and bought his way into political office with his wife’s money.

He doesn’t know diddly squat about the Middle East, and his so-called foreign policy expertise is a myth. I’m not saying he’s a bad man. I’m saying he’s wrong. He was wrong about getting us into Iraq. He was wrong about us staying there.

What do you think the best recruitment poster for Al Qaeda could possibly be?


Give me a break. This dude doesn’t know anything. He’s huffing and puffing like he’s full of gravitas and he still can’t tell the difference between Sunni and Shia.


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