We’ve heard, ad infintum, the BS about why Obama can’t ‘close the deal’.

But, why can’t Hillary ” Tonya Harding” Clinton Close the deal?

As John Cole so aptly puts it:

Why is she behind him in every conceivable metric? Why is she behind in pledged delegates? Why is she behind in the popular vote (and don’t insult my intelligence by trying to pass that sheer nonsense the morons at certain pro-Clinton blogs are lapping up)? Why are super delegates flocking to Obama, while Hillary has picked up only a handful in the past few months. Why has she won fewer states? Why is she trumpeting her narrow delegate pickup in PA, when it is less than the number of net delegates Obama picked up in a variety of other states? Why is she behind in fund raising? Why was she unable to turn her double digit lead a year ago into any actual primary wins? Why, with her starting financial advantage and name recognition, was she held to a tie on Super Tuesday?

Why to those questions and a hundred more like them. If your candidate is so much better, why is Obama kicking her ass? Why?

I’d like to know the answer to that myself.

We talk about electability. With the exception of New Hampshire, every state that Obama’s gone into, his numbers have gone UP from where he began….and Hillary ‘ Tonya Harding’ Clinton’s have gone DOWN (thanks Keith Olbermann for that tip). …and OBAMA is unelectable?


And, I’ll put it out there…how the hell would SHE get back the DEMOCRATIC BASE – Black Folk – if she STEALS THIS? How come nobody asks THAT question? Don’t be under any delusions…Blue States are Blue because of Blue CITIES…and Blue Cities are Blue because of BLACK FOLK. Try being a Democrat running for President trying to win Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and contest Florida and Virginia WITHOUT THE BLACK VOTE. I’d love to see that jujitsu.

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