I think John Cole’s right that McCain’s “denunciations” of those NC GOP ads featuring Reverend Wright are a political maneuver meant to absolve him of blame for using those kinds of tactics, anytime he decides to use those kinds of tactics.

The best part is that the media will essentially replay the ad endlessly for free, even though some local stations have already refused to run it. So even if no one picks it up, the ad will run nationally, for at least a week, while reporters laud McCain for having the chutzpah to stand up to such nefarious tactics.

When Huckabee tried this months ago, the press laughed at him.

But McCain is an honorable man. And Obama seems to think so too:

Obama, in Indiana, said he assumes if McCain “thinks that it’s an inappropriate ad, that he can get them to pull it down since he’s their nominee and standard bearer.” The spot as I write this has not been pulled.

Right. Just like Bob Corker got those racist ads against Harold Ford pulled in Tennessee…Oh wait, that didn’t happen. And McCain then hired Terry Nelson, the man behind the ads.

Nelson left McCain’s campaign in 2007 for financial reasons, but it’s pretty clear from the fact that he was hired in the first place that McCain isn’t averse to the very sort of campaigning everyone is claiming he hates.

And because it’s what we’re seeing now.

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