I found this over at the blog- The Field.

Convince the Superdelegate

The Field announces the opportunity of the 2008 campaign…

Convince a Superdelegate!

Yes, that’s right, folks. Here at Dr. Al’s School for Gifted Commenters, we’ve got a live one: Debra Kozikowski – a.k.a. The Boss – is a living, breathing and uncommitted Superdelegate to the Democratic National Convention in August.

She’s been uncommitted ever since her candidate, John Edwards, left the contest.

Some minutes ago, on another thread, she posted this invitation right here on The Field:

“Here’s your challenge. Think about me wearing my super duper hat reading your posts. Convince me why I should deliver my superdelegate vote to Senator Obama or for the minority here who support Senator Clinton — you too can rise to the ocassion with civility and grace.”

Yee-ha! You, and only you, Field Hands, have the chance to succeed at what the candidates and their surrogates have so far not achieved: Putting forth your best cases for why Superdelegate Deb Kozikowski should cast her vote in August for your candidate.

I know that our readers here at Jack and Jill Politics can write quite eloquently as to whom they believe Ms.Kozikowski should support. All you have to do is register and a ‘ clean’ response will be published by the Head Blogger – Al Giordano.

I look forward to reading some convincing arguments over there. I’ve already given my two responses…LOL

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