Jack Turner/Baratunde laid it down already here: CNN Does Disservice To Black Bloggers And JJP Specifically. I’ll just add my own 2 cents. I too found it interesting that CNN who has reached out to Jack and Jill Politics in the past chose to use the voices of the poor beleaguered black superdelegates without the voices of anyone from Color of Change or anyone from JJP to explain our campaign. Our emails are on the left and Baratunde has already been on CNN before, hey. Flashing our blog on a screen isn’t the same thing. That’s a disrespectful drive-by.

We have consistently supported here at JJP the concept of democracy and representation of our concerns by elected black people. It’s up to the people of Massachusetts to speak back to the Kennedys if they don’t like their representative choices. We ain’t worried about them. We concern ourselves here with the use of recently acquired African-American power to improve the lives of African-American people. We need black leaders to know that we are holding them accountable and that unrepresentative, self-serving backroom deals are unacceptable.

Here are the posts I’ve written in support of Color of Change’s position:

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February 29

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February 21

I find it interesting that well over a month later, CNN is bringing this effort to everyone’s attention. My question: Is there discussion within the CBC of moving allegiances from the race-baiting can’t win side to the momentum candidate who also happens to be a CBC Member? I wonder if we will be hearing soon of more African-American Members of Congress becoming superdelegates for Obama. Is this CNN story and its slant designed to provide some coverage to those who feel pressured through personal ties (rather than their constituents’ votes) to remain aligned with the Clintons? Whassup.

Here’s the text of the Color of Change petition which I have signed and which is respectful in its urgency. Please join me and sign on. Thanks if you are one of the thousands who have already done so. Let’s send a powerful message.

Dear Congressional Black Caucus Member,

Over the last several weeks, voters in CBC districts have spoken with clarity about their choice for President—they overwhelmingly support Barack Obama. But the clear mandate they’ve laid down is threatened by those in your ranks who as superdelegates may break away from their constituents to vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Congressional Black Caucus has worked hard to protect the political voice of Black Americans. You took the lead in 2000 and 2004, insisting that all votes be counted and that they count. Using your status as a superdelegate in 2008 to undermine the people’s will would be a tragic reversal.

I’m writing to ask that you use your power as a superdelegate to amplify the voice of the informed, engaged, and diverse electorate in your district and across Black America, not silence it. I urge you to make it clear that as a superdelegate, you will support the voters’ will.

We deserve elections determined by the electorate, not by insiders. And we need you to stand with us, as we speak in a strong voice about who we wish to see as the Democratic nominee.


[Your name]

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