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I almost have to apologize for posting this. There is little constructive here, but in light of people losing their minds over Jeremiah Wright, folks need to see the realness. James David Manning, PhD (!$@!$%) is sick and wrong and stupid. I could only watch the first two minutes. It’s that “Atlah” ministries wacko, and he’s what a real crazy ass black pastor sounds like.

Update @ 1:10am March 26
I know some of you wanted this post to be deleted, but I have a philosophical problem with doing that. Deleting posts kills the comments and inbound links and a chance to discuss what’s going down. We aint the Bush admin and don’t need to go disappearing disagreeable ideas.

We don’t make a habit of posting low-value insanity around here, but it’s sometimes called for whether for entertainment value or to showcase the levels of ignorance running rampant in a society that offers unprecedented access to information.

The Atlah ministries is crazy. I did some digging though, and will continue to do so. Here’s an interesting article from the NY Times Feb 2008 on crazy pastor Manning’s insane plan to “save Harlem” from gentrification

Dr. Manning, the pastor of the ATLAH World Missionary church in Harlem for the past 27 years, says the only way to free the neighborhood from its present grip of gentrification is for its residents to boycott its shops, restaurants, doctors, banks and churches (excepting his own, of course).

That action, combined with a general rent strike, would force all property owners out of Harlem, he said, leaving the neighborhood to its rightful inheritors: black people.

Black property owners would not be spared, either. “Just because you’re a black business, you think you’re going to get a pass?” he asked at a community meeting on Thursday night in his church. “Just because somebody has a black face doesn’t mean they have a good heart.”

There are those who think that Dr. Manning is engaging in a bit of high-spirited satire, along the lines of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal,” in which Swift advocated reducing poverty in Ireland by selling poor children to rich people as food. But he says he is quite serious.

Haven’t found any evidence linking Clinton to the man. The above article links to a letter Manning wrote saying he doesn’t support Clinton, for whatever that is worth.

Apologies to those who had your comments deleted along with the original post. We won’t make a habit of doing that.

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