I saw Professor Kim’s name pop up from Twitter friends Liza Sabater (blogdiva) and Erin Kotecki Vest (queenofspain). Today Professor Kim wrote this beautiful post.

Here’s a clip but you should check the whole thing

The difference between that time in this, of course, is that people think we are in a ‘post-racial” America, where race doesn’t matter. Others, like former Rep. Geraldine Ferraro,would have you believe that when it comes to Barack Obama’s success, race is all that matters. And still others, watch the “Unashamedly Black, Unapologetically Christian” services at Trinity United Church of Christ, would have you believe that there is something anti-American in this church. It is, to my mind, thoroughly grounded in the progressive wing of the black American church tradition, despite the fact that it is part of a predominantly white denomination, the United Church of Christ. (That last part seems lost on people who want to call the church “racist” or “separatist.”)

I am a 51-year-old black American woman. I watch all of this and wonder whether this means that the time has not yet come for the veil to be rent.

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