Stephanie Tubbs Jones provides for hours of entertainment. If she weren’t so embarrassing, I’d kick back with some popcorn and just enjoy the show. Hat tip to ColorOfChange for letting me know about her MSNBC appearance, and of course, RedLasso for the ability to clip it.

Here goes:

My observations:

  • Seems to be the first time I’ve heard STJ come out strongly against the racial bullshit flowing freely from the Clinton campaign. Could she be getting the message that her own shameless defense of HRC offenses is unacceptable. Watch how she puts up the shield of “we at the CBC…”
  • I’m still annoyed at her and others who try to paint the ugliness of the Democratic primary as some sort of 50/50 guilt to be split between Obama and Clinton. By far, the Obama campaign has taken a much higher road. Her calls “inviting the Obama campaign” to move along with her seem disingenuous and factually off. “Both sides” have not been equally divisive and destructive here
  • She’s out of touch, claiming that all Dems will magically come back together in November despite what we’ve seen thusfar.

Finally, I just don’t like her. She’s been wrong so many times and just plain irritating to watch and listen to. Watching her is like picking your nose. It’s nasty and wrong, but you just can’t help it, and you know you want to look!

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