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Now that the press has unearthed a few minutes of controversial commentary from Obama’s pastor, we can expect this question to be posed to McCain by our responsible media establishment right?

Tip of the hat to Liza Sabater over at Culture Kitchen who launched this great piece

An excerpt from I have four words for the GOP : John Hagee, Rod Parsley:

So the so-called “white” media discovered Jeremiah Wright’s fire and brimstone style of Liberation Theology and have sought out to vilify it as the work of a racist and traitor. Hence, the lynch party to bring both Wright and Barack Obama down since, if Obama approves of the “scary negro”, he must be one in waiting.

Well, to all those people who fear Black Power or Liberation Theology separately and see their expression in Black Theology as an abomination, I have some choice words for you : Get over it.

The United States’s foreign policy did create the political conditions that led to 9/11. The United States did create the tyrant and moster they called Saddam Hussein. The United States, YOU, ME AND EVERY OTHER CITIZEN IN THIS COUNTRY is responsible for the atrocities that happen all over the world in the name of “Made In The USA” democracy.

Definitely worth checking out. In the meantime, I found two from Rev. Parsely to be quite interesting. Who knew he cared so much about black people?

So let me play this like they played Obama:

Oh my god! He’s so angry. Did he just say that? Why was he screaming that way? Does McCain think Planned Parenthood is equivalent to the KKK? He must because his spiritual guide said so. There’s no way I can vote for McCain now. The beliefs of his spiritual guide clearly represent McCain’s political beliefs. Why does John McCain hate America?

For more on this nonsense, see Pam’s House Blend on the subject.

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