Yeah, you knew that she’d have to play Victim today.

Hat tip: Poster at Skeptical Brotha:

Clinton aide compares Obama to Starr
By NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
Thu Mar 6, 2:02 PM ET

WASHINGTON – A top aide to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday compared rival Sen. Barack Obama to independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr.

Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said Obama’s statement that he plans to be more critical of Clinton’s record is reminiscent of the attacks the Clintons endured during the investigations in the 1990s.

“Our point here is to point out that after a campaign in which many of the questions that voters had in the closing days centered on concerns that they had over his state of preparedness to be commander in chief and steward of the economy, he has chosen instead of addressing those issues to attack Senator Clinton,” Wolfson told reporters in a conference call. “They’ve announced that this is what they are going to do.

“I for one do not believe that imitating Ken Starr is the way to win a Democratic primary election for president. But perhaps that theory will be tested,” he said.

By raising Starr’s name, Wolfson revived memories of the investigation that led to former President Clinton’s impeachment. But many Democrats feel the Starr investigation was politically motivated, and injecting Starr into the debate is one more way for Clinton to depict herself as a victim of enemies out to get her. She’s already complained recently about the media being against her.

Rest of article is HERE.

Ah yes, she’s a victim. She’s a lying, race-baiting fear monger, but anyone who brings up questions about her lack of character, is suddenly out to get her.

Where are:
1. The tax returns
2. The donor list for the Library
3. Her First Lady Papers

What’s the big secret? What is she hiding?

She brings up Rezko, well it seems like more Rezko defendants have donated to her and compatriots of hers, and none to Obama.

Of the other five defendants, three have donated to the Clintons or to Clinton supporters, three have donated mostly to Republicans, and at least two have donated to Obama’s political opponents. None have donated to Obama.

She REALLY wants to go down this road, when she won’t explan Norman Hsu, or the $175,000 that this great feminist icon refused to return from a known sexual harrasser, or the money from the Chinese waiters…get my drift.

She’s corrupt, dirty, without conscience and a soul.

Her playing, once again, the White Woman As Victim Role, while trying to cast Obama as the Big Black Brute, ain’t gonna fly. Not here.

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