In your comments and emails, we hear ya. I know you need to speak your peace on this. Kelli Goff REPRESENTS against Pat “Racist” Buchanan and he digs a hole for himself. She calls him on his pathetic effort to shut down her correct rhetoric on Obama’s accomplishments and Ferraro’s ignorance. It is a thing of beauty and I give Rachel Maddow much props for schooling Buchanan.

My favorite part is toward the end where she says: “Pat, why don’t you try out being black for a day and see how that works out for you. I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time in America.” Leaving him speechless. Personally, I love being black. It’s a constant tension between challenge and opportunity. And a gift to belong to an amazing, ever-evolving and innovative culture whose warmth, spirit, strength and energy is envied and emulated the world over. Still, being African-American can present…inconveniences and insults from time to time. If Obama enjoys any advantage over Clinton, it’s gender-based, certainly not race-based.

Watch the video and enjoy Goff proving Buchanan “factually wrong”. Go on girl.

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