hat tip daily kos which linked to this Time piece.

from DHinMI on kos:

This could be a really devastating line of attack against Clinton. First, it undermines her claims of experience, which is supposed to be why she’s “ready to lead on day one.” If you can wipe out the main argument for her candidacy, she’s destroyed.

Furthermore, these criticisms raise serious questions about her electability. This is the question she’s trying to raise about Obama, but for anyone who was sentient in 2000, these exaggerations and fabrications should evoke memories of Al Gore fending off the “flip flop” charges and looking silly as he was accused of plenty of silly comments he never made, like claiming to have discovered Love Canal or having invented the internet. Of course, the press exaggerated Gore’s supposed exaggerations. Also, there was no YouTube in 2000 to demonstrate and disseminate an accurate depiction of what Gore said in these instances.

Unlike Gore, who in a few individual instances made ill-advised comments that then got blown out of proportion, Clinton has made the questionable claims numerous times, and has even put some of them on her website, like saying she was involved in the creation or passage of key domestic accomplishments such as SCHIP and the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Nice to see O on offense. Many of us have been calling b.s. on her “35 years” of experience for months. It’s time to bring her down for good. She’s full of it, and she started this crapfest. Time to reap what you’ve sown, Hillary.

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