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For years, Doctor Mo of the Danger Zone Show podcast out of NYC has been trying to connect with me. We finally made it happen this past week. Doctor Mo is a funny brotha and gets some good guests on his show.

In addition to the podcast, he does a week in review show via BlogTalkRadio. I called in this past Friday at 10:20pm ET (1 hour 20 min into the two hour show). Mo had a woman named Vita from Philly and a brotha from Austin — Corey I think. They were great. And Vita especially kept it so real. You gotta listen.

Anyway, listen to the show and show Doctor Mo some love. He’s been hustlin on this podcast for some time, and it’s a good, smart and funny show.

Oh, and there’s a decent amount of profanity. It’s not just vulgar for vulgarity’s sake, but I wanted to give you a heads up.

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