There is no way in holy hell I could ever vote for John McCain. Too scary on the Issues Here are a few reasons why.

The pro-life stance, i.e. he supports overturning Roe v. Wade
Anti-gay marriage and pro-constitutional amendment
The desire to privatize Social Security
Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran
The speech at Bob Jones University before they made it ok to date interracially
The caving on torture
100 years in Iraq

But more than that — I am a Democrat. That’s my party. And I will support the Democratic nominee, whether it’s Clinton or Obama, because I believe the Democratic party has the better platform and the better solutions for the American people going forward.

At this point, my preference would be Obama as the nominee and I will be disappointed if he doesn’t go all the way. I think he’s our best chance against McCain. I also think that Clinton could and should have showed greater leadership during the Bush years. Still, certainly I would take a Clinton administration over another Republican one any day of the week. Some of Clinton’s messaging and tactics of late have left me disenchanted, hurt and angry. It’s part of why so many blacks just like me have abandoned her in state after state.

Yet, I’d like to see Obama modify his health care plan and also come out as strong on the economy as he has on the war and national security. I’d like to hear more about the issues and less ridiculous stuff about what he wore in Somalia, what they said on SNL and Rezco (seriously, who cares?).

If lightening strikes and Clinton somehow wins the nomination, she is going to have a real challenge ahead of her to win back the hearts and minds of black folk. And win them back she must, for to win the presidential prize, she must win with strong African-American support. Which I don’t think she can take for granted at this point, even as Democratic nominee.

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