In reading the comments in both of the election posts, we have some commenters who are trying to appeal to ‘the greater good’. It’s not only here, but I’ve been on DailyKos too a lot these past couple of days.

The bogeyman trotted out for ‘ Party Unity’ is..

Well, you don’t want to elect McCain.
What about The Supreme Court?

I just want to go on the record here.

I wrote about my family.

There are 12 of us in my immediate family, and I said that only 2 will vote for Hillary Clinton.

My mother and my aunt. Despite my sister and I explaining the race-baiting that Hillary has done to Barack, even printing out the ClintonAttacksObama Wiki Incident Page, for my mother and aunt, they are good Democrats, and will vote for the nominee.

Their brother, my uncle, is a Conservative Black Nationalist, and is a resounding HELL NO to voting for her.

This IS generational, which is why you have Handkerchief Heads like John Lewis and Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, shinning and grinning for the Clintons, even after she’s race-baited Obama…even helping her with it.

My mother and aunt and all who are like them are NEGROES.


My mother fought so that I could be BLACK.

They fought so that I could get up off of my knees without hesitation.

It’s a generational thing; I get it now.

But, Black folk have to stop letting folks disrespect us, and then turn around to pat us on the head, expecting us to ‘ fall in line’ like ‘ Good Little Darkies’. That’s our problem now.

NO OTHER GROUP would accept this kind of treatment, explaining away this race-baiting, fear mongering heifer, and expect folks to vote for her…


We have too many willing to shin and grin for those craven power mongers, and they sell out the Black Community for CRUMBS.

No more.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

The GOP never pretended to be our friend, so them disrespecting is nothing but normal.

But, folks shin in your face, and then stick a knife in you, and you’re supposed to smile and accept it?


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