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First of all, big up to rikyrah and the entire JJP fam for holding it down while I walked the streets of South Dallas for Obama over the past few days. This site continues to grow and impress me. Apologies to all for my absence. I’m still exhausted but am ready to start my steady comeback like Hillary ;)

Today, I returned to News & Notes, and it was energetic as a mug. I shared the mic with Arlene Fenton (Shecodes) of Black Women Vote and Kevin Ross of Three Brothers and a Sister. Add two bloggers to your blogroll and bookmarks because these two were incredible.

Here’s a link to our segment (13min) plus photos from my time in Dallas.

As always, there is never enough time to do justice to our topics, but I got most of my main points for the topics we did hit.

  • The mood in Dallas after the results: frustration and determination to go to PA
  • The late-breaking Clinton voters responding to Clinton negativity
  • The media bias that actually favors Clinton by continually resetting success for her despite such continued and massive losses
  • The pattern of insults from the Clinton campaign toward Obama based on exploiting race and fear
  • The calculated charge of media bias coming from Hillary which echoes the cries of conservatives and provokes an unjustified reaction by the media afraid of being painted as biased. Further victimhood by Hillary
  • “No great leader has ever lead by whining”

We had some great discussion on how aggressive Obama can get, the blackened up Obama in the Clinton ad, the role of black bloggers as we interpret these events beyond the limits of the MSM and a few more things

I have so much more to share about my time in Dallas (including video), so please stay tuned over the next few days as I get my thoughts together and publish them. A little teaser

  • My door-to-door experience in all-black and mostly poor South Dallas
  • Helping run the primary for a precinct. Yes, run. I set up voting machines because no one else knew how to do it
  • Helping run the caucus for a precinct
  • Video interviews with campaign volunteers
  • More photos


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