I heard on K104 for those who voted early, they should bring a voter receipt to the caucus tomorrow night. It’s not mandatory, but it will speed up the process because folks won’t have to match your name.

A man who voted early just asked me what the rule was. I called the Dallas County Election office. Here’s the skinny:

For folks in Texas or those who know folks in Texas, it’s not too late to get a receipt. In Dallas, you can pick one up at the Election Commission. Again, it’s not required, but they recommend it.

2377 Simmons Freeway
in the building labeled Dallas County Health and Human Services (of course, right?)

Call 214-819-6300 to verify your precinct location. It is not the same as where you did your early voting.

Update: bring the following to the caucus

  1. your voter registration card
  2. an ID
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