got this comment on my personal blog in response to my analysis of the religious polling data. thought it worth elevating. it’s from someone named “trish.” I said when we set up the Clinton Attacks Obama wiki the following:

This presidential campaign is unprecedented in its ability to have either an extremely constructive or destructive conversation about race. I don’t have much faith in America’s ability to get it right, but this is my attempted contribution to more civil discourse.

and now, trish’s troubling story

I live in Texas, where anyone who follows the campaign knows by now that we had a primary AND a caucus. I also do not think it’s shameful to be a Muslim, but that’s not what people here were saying. While I was waiting in line to caucus, several older ladies (age 60-plus) in line began talking about the election and how Obama is going to ruin this country because he won’t salute the flag and he won’t ever directly say he’s a christian. I told them it wasn’t true and that they are believing propaganda put out there to discredit him and split the Democratic party. Of course, they did not believe me and they said they know he’s just waiting to get into office and will bring all his terrorist friends over to blow up the country. Then they pointed at all the black people in line and said “I see they all showed up and don’t really know who they’re voting for.”

They were a little shocked when they saw this white girl walk over to the dark side. ;-)
These racial discussions are really bothering me because my son is starting to see it at school. Middle school kids are making racist comments about Obama being too dumb to be president and insulting other black kids in school, including my son, who is biracial. There was a huge fight last week in school where several kids were suspended for fighting. It saddens me that while on one hand, this election is showing such progress in our country, on the other hand, it’s setting us back and showing that we might not have progressed much at all.

Sorry for writing a novel in your comments but this was a good post and exactly on point with what I’ve been thinking for the past several weeks.

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