Reading these two articles:

Black Backers Steadfast for Clinton
Committed: Why I’m Sticking With Hillary

They bothered me. They bothered me for several reasons. The main thing is that they’re putting out there, in the MSM, that Black folk are pressuring them, for no good reason. Like, ‘ irrationally’, Black folk are demanding they switch their allegiance to Obama – JUST BECAUSE HE’S BLACK.

And, that’s simply not the case.

This came to me last night, and I’ll present it to you:

Imagine if this were any other ethnic group. They had one of ‘their own’ running, and the main competition race-baited/ethnic-baited ‘your own’.

Please explain to me what other ethnic group would remotely tolerate THEIR elected representative supporting the competition POST race-baiting?

Can you imagine it with ANY other group? Yeah, neither can I.

WE’RE the only ones who would allow this BS….and SHAME ON US.

That’s the key for me:::: POST RACE-BAITING::::

And, why I say, straight up, I have no respect for any Black Clinton supporter.

I tried to explain this point on another blog last night:

I have Black Republican friends who won’t vote for Obama on philosophical grounds. I respect that.

I have Black Radical friends who won’t vote for Obama because he’s not radical enough and they disagree with him on philosophy – they’re going Green Party. I respect that.

But, considering that Black folk vote 90% Democratic, I expect them to vote for Obama, who is the most Progressive between the two, and is Black.

ESPECIALLY post race-baiting – there is no excuse. The only Black folks for Hillary now, post race-baiting are either: Handkerchief Heads or Haters.

Post race-baiting is the key. That is a dealbreaker.

Like I’ve said before: Black folks will take care of Negroes that help the Clintons ‘ Stack the Deck’.

This blogger asked:

So what you’re saying is that there is no acceptable reason for voting for Hillary because of what they did in South Carolina?

That’s what I’m saying.

When they race-baited Obama, it wasn’t even about Obama anymore. It was about ANY future Black politician with aspirations higher than a gerrymandered Congressional Seat.

If the Clintons succeed, then they will have given the blueprint for how to defeat other Black politicians.

We are right at the cusp of a new generation of Black politicans. They are the post-Civil Rights generation, and most of them have decided, on their own, to use the same track as Obama.

That is…

They are NOT running as The Black Candidate.

They are running as The Candidate who happens to be Black.

Corey Booker. Adrian Fenty. Deval Patrick. Harold Ford, Jr., Artur Davis. Hell, even Republican Michael Steele. They all run that way.

Even those who used to run as candidates that are Black, have tried a great deal to change themselves to The Candidate who happens to be Black – I’m thinking about Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. He’s definitely in a trick bag, because of his name – without it, he wouldn’t have been elected to Congress. But, since the moment he arrived, he’s been trying to turn himself into a post-Civil Rights candidate. He really is a very smart guy, with a terrific wife.

The problem with what the Clintons did was multi-fold:

1. They pretended to be the Black community’s friend…who can betray you MORE – an enemy or a friend?

The racial attacks on Obama by Cunningham and the TN GOP this week? Rolling off the backs of Black folk – because we never thought they were friends in the first place. But, the Clintons? supposed friends.

2. Obama, to his credit, never really altered his message – though he was criticized by many, who thought he should have added more ‘ fire and brimstone’ when speaking to Black audiences. Me? I thought it was the only way for Obama to keep on message and keep with consistency.

In doing so, Obama ran this campaign on his own terms, and ‘ The Community’ spent the better part of a year – from February 2007 to January 3, 2008 – getting used to , psychologically, thinking and then accepting Barack Obama as

” The Candidate Running for President Who Happens To Be Black”

and ALL that means. That was a HUGE psychological breakthrough and quite a victory for the Obama campaign. And a victory for the future of all Post-Civil Rights Candidates.

And, just as we, The Community, were making peace with it, and getting comfortable with it, here come THE CLINTONS trying to turn Obama into THE BLACK CANDIDATE, marginalizing HIM, and, by proxy, the Black community.

THE Black Community which has been THE BASE of the Democratic Party. The Community which has been the most loyal. The Community which, through thick and thin, showed up, and fought for the Democrats, when everyone else had abandoned them.

It cut deep.

Me? I never had high impressions of The Clintons. They never were willing to expound political capital to help out ‘controversial’ Black nominees/appointees…and, threw them under the bus without blinking.

But, I watched, as The Clintons broke the hearts of family and friends, who were HURT, truly HURT by what they tried to do to Barack Obama….made me even most pissed at them.

Now, post South Carolina.

The use, REPEATEDLY, of Black surrogates to attack Obama – PERSONALLY.(Bob Johnson, Magic Johnson, Tubbs-Jones, Jackson-Lee, Maggie Williams etc.) Therein lies the rub; using Black folk to do your dirty work, thus being able to pretend that the mess isn’t racial. Volunteering yourself for the dirty work, and then thinking that Black folk ought not to call you on it.


The MSM, of course, is deliberately skipping over the issue of WHY supporting Clinton at this point, is seen as a betrayal.

BECAUSE OF THE RACE-BAITING….that hasn’t stopped, but put a Black face on it, so it’s supposed to not make it so.

Despite what folks have been telling The Black Community – we know race-baiting when we see it…and, we respond accordingly.

Why shouldn’t we respond to being insulted? What is it about Black folks that folks believe we should just sit there and take being continually insulted, and make it ‘ no big deal’?

I ask again:

Please explain to me what other ethnic group would remotely tolerate THEIR elected representative supporting the competition POST race-baiting?

Can you imagine it with ANY other group?

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