With 46% of the Precincts Reporting:
Edwards – 60%
Wynn – 36%

My mom lives in Donna’s district. Last year, when I spoke to her about how great a candidate Donna Edwards was and the problems with Al Wynn, she was skeptical, confused, and kind of uninterested in the race. The sense I got was — why should I care?

This year, I mentioned to her once again that I really hoped she would vote for Donna “Leadership that Listens” Edwards and that I thought she’d make an excellent Member of Congress. I started to go into her record, supporting organizations and the Washington Post endorsement. She stopped me mid-sentence and told me the following story:

Oh, you don’t have to tell me! I saw her just the other day up at the Giant’s. She started to hand me something and I told her — “You can keep that!” She looked at me a little funny — you know how people can be. She’s probably used to a few people giving her the brushoff or getting confrontational. I said to her, “You don’t need to give me any of that literature because you’ve already got my vote. You should’ve taken it the last time from that old son of a gun! I’ve got a good feeling this time and you’ve got a lot of support in the county.” Well you should have seen her. She just lit right up.

So today, you can light up this district too by voting for Donna, telling your friends and kinfolk to vote for Donna or whether you live in the district or not — donating to Donna Edwards’ campaign. She really is a great candidate and she wouldn’t have gotten this far without your help. She’s at the last mile. Please join me in helping her cross the finish line. Cuz running for office ain’t cheap and it ain’t easy. Make a DONNAtion today (ha) and help make change happen. I did and it feels good.

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