Let me just start by saying we all know California has to do things differently from time to time and jack it up for the rest of us (exhibit: Norbit), but voting procedures are an area where that should not happen.

Carmen over at AllAboutRace wrote me to share a news story from CBS and her own California voting story. It is not pretty, and her vote for Obama was not counted. It has to do with non-party-affiliated booths, and needlessly-confusing bubbles on the form.

Check out her full, depressing post.

We make it so easy to push people into an unsustainable loan, yet voting has this complex feat. Why?

Update Info For Cali Voters:

If you or anyone you know has any problems voting today, please contact the local County Registrar of Voters or one of our election protection hotlines at:

Los Angeles:

San Francisco/Bay Area:

Oakland/East Bay Area:

San Diego:

Or email electionprotection@obamaca

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