Steve M:

Taylor Marsh and Jeralyn Merritt were delighted by Tina Fey’s pro-Hillary Clinton “bitch is the new black” monologue on last night’s Saturday Night Live. And, y’know, arguing that a tough dame like Hillary can get things done is valid — I’m ready to back Hillary if she’s the nominee.

Say what you want. Any one else see the irony of saying “bitch is the new black” on a show that doesn’t even have a black cast member to play the black man running for president?

That “bitch is the new black” thing is about as astute as John Lennon’s “women are the niggers of the world.”

If women were the niggers of the world, people would call them niggers. And if bitch was the new black, then Tina Fey would be making jokes about trying to catch a cab in New York at midnight.

And if the only way you can claim oppression is through comparison and analogy, well, you might want to sit and think about what it is you’re really saying.

Speaking of which, I have one to offer, just in case the above statements from Fey and Lennon haven’t made it clear:

Racism is the new rape.

Doesn’t even sound right, does it? Leave the violins at home.

UPDATE: It was John Lennon, not Elton John, who said it. Corrections made. Sorry I’m not up on my Beatles. 

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