Stephanie Tubbs-Jones, smearing Obama as a “native Somalian” for her friend, Hillary Clinton.

As if the CBC/Fox debates weren’t indication enough, it’s time for some of these longtime incumbents to retire.

Obama wasn’t wearing the “native clothing” of his country. He was a visitor wearing traditional dress, something politicians do regularly when they visit other countries. Tubbs-Jones deliberate smear is an attempt to make it look like this is what Obama wears at home while he’s reading the paper, just to drive home the message that “this nigger Obama is not like you, he is not American, so do not vote for him.” What else is a viewer supposed to take away from this statement:

“We ought to be able to be able to support people wearing the clothing of their nation.”

Get it? America is not Barack Obama’s nation.

Lemme just say this: There’s nothing wrong with being black and supporting Hillary Clinton. But when you use social capitol as a black person to legitimize the use of race and racism to derail a black candidate, you disgrace yourself.

All this is meant to do is knock Obama off his game for tonight. My bet is it won’t. But you can’t say they didn’t try.

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