I got around to watching the SOTBU.

I tired of Tavis in the past few months because of his repeated condescending commentaries on Tom Joyner insulting Black folk about their support of Barack Obama.

Unlike a lot of Black folk, I’ve been supporting Obama from early on.

Just recently became an Obamaholic, but I supported him with my money, time, effort, and feet months ago.

I’m tired of Tavis insulting Black folks, intimating that they can’t read and choose for themsleves who they want to support.

Quite honestly, he continued that same line of bull at the SOTBU, where he was constantly condescending and questioning the ‘ emotionalism’ of the Black Community’s support of Obama.

And, isn’t it interesting that Tavis sounds like a milder version of the mocking Billary that has shown up this weekend, insulting Obama AND his supporters. Interesting indeed.

My question, if I had been at the SOTBU, would have been..

I’ll have to doubt the RATIONAL thought process of folks supporting someone, Hillary, who the polls have told us, a YEAR OUT


Now, explain to me the RATIONAL thought process behind supporting someone with THOSE kinds of negatives.

Folks have to make up their damn minds about Obama.

You’ve got those who perpetrate that him voting record is akin to Sam Brownback…which is why we can’t vote for him.

Then, there are those who say he is ‘ too liberal’…and, to be honest, I never thought LIBERAL could be used as a bad word IN BLACK CIRCLES.

Then, there are those who bitch and whine about him not ‘talking about Black issues’.

Just exactly what the hell is a Black issue?

I’ll give you one that I believe IS a Black issue – retroactivity with regards to those hideous drug sentences….relates to criminal justice, and ‘ just-us’, and the feeding of young Black men and now women to the Prison Industrial Complex.

Well, guess what? Hillary’s already told you that she intends to get elected on the back of sending ANOTHER generation of young Black men and women to the Prison Industrial complex – she’s AGAINST retroactivity, which puts her to the right of Scalia, and ON PAR WITH UNCLE CLARENCE.

She’s ready to get elected on the backs of young Black men and women and tell me again why MY support of Obama is ‘ emotional’.

Obama is more progressive. Obama is the only chance of ridding ourselves of the Imperial Presidency. If Obama implements HALF of his transparency in government policies, it will transform how government is scene by the average citizen.

Obama was against this war.

Not only did she vote FOR the war, she refuses to apologize for her actions that have cost 4,000 lives, mutli-thousand permanent casualties, nearly 1 TRILLION DOLLARS that could have been used elsewhere.

She refuses to apologize for her vote, and would have had us in IRAN.

Once they race-baited Obama, it wasn’t even about Obama anymore.

It was about ANY future Black politician with political aspirations higher than a safe, gerrymandered Congressional seat.

If she is allowed to racebait her way into the nomination, then this will be the future blueprint as to how to take out ANY Black politician, which is why I will NEVER vote for her. I will NEVER be complicit in setting into cement the ceiling for future Black politicians.

Tavis is SUSPECT, because, he didn’t just fall off a turnip truck. Stevie Wonder could see the race-baiting being done on Obama, and he didn’t say JACK about it.

A LOT of the ‘ usual suspects’ are SUSPECT because of their silence.

If a Republican had done to Barack Obama what the Clintons did, the ‘ usual suspects’ would have been up in arms.

As it is, they were doing Marcel Marceau impersonations.

I fully expect the GOP to go after Obama with race-baiting full throttle.

But, here’s the rub…

The GOP has never pretended to be THE FRIEND of the Black community.

And, the Clintons did..but, when push came to shove, and this Uppity Negro began to beat them…..

They pulled out Lee Atwater’s manual and used it without abandon.

And, anyone who stands with that race-baiter AFTER she’s done that to Obama is SUSPECT, A TOOL, AND NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

If the shoe fits, then Tavis should wear it, no matter how many Black Covenant books he writes.

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